A few kind words from satisfied clients and new friends.

An affectionate hug from Gavino Rivera and Sixto Rubio.

“It was a lucky day when I met Gerard Allard! I had come to Puerto Vallarta for the first time with the intention of buying property, but was leery about choosing a realtor. I randomly stepped into a real estate office, and fortunately was greeted by Gerard, a friendly Canadian ex-cop who did his very best to find the right property for me. I have also talked to others who have praised Gerard for his honesty and customer service, so it’s clear he has a great reputation around town. I would recommend Gerard Allard most highly to anyone seeking a reputable, hardworking agent who will do his best to match you with your dream property — like mine!”

A few kind words from satisfied clients and new friends.

In August of 2022 we closed on a $2.2million purchase of a beautiful home in Upper Conchas Chinas.  Gerard led us through the process from beginning to end, figuring out what we were looking for, helping us to understand the market and what we could find and then closing the transaction without a hitch.  Whether it was finding consultants to inspect the house, walking through the house when we couldn’t be there in person or making sure that we had everything ready for closing, Gerard performed.  It can be a little scary to buy property in a foreign country and I am so glad we had Gerard to rely on just to know things would work out.  He is honest, assertive, knows the market,  represents his clients well and is a really good guy.

Steve and Jose

“My wife, Elizabeth and I are from Salt Lake City, Utah and started looking for a second home in the Puerto Vallarta area almost two years ago, now. Our plan is to someday retire there. Through a referral, we contacted Gerard Allard on our first trip to the area. When we arrived, we knew nothing of the city of Puerto Vallarta or its many suburbs, burrows, beaches…and vibes! Where to start looking for a second home? Gerard quickly guided us in identifying potential areas we might like based upon our needs and tastes, always mindful of our budget.”

“Over the next year and a half, and multiple trips back, he patiently explored many areas of Puerto Vallarta with us, as well as neighboring beach cities to the North and to the South. Finally, we settled on a property we wanted in Puerto Vallarta! With his guidance and good counsel, we maneuvered every step of the way through the comp., offer, negotiation and closing processes, hand in hand, with clarity, transparency, to the highest ethical standards. “

“But the best part of our experience working with Gerard was that we did not feel that we were working with a realtor, but instead with a good friend on this important new journey for us. “

Jerry and Marry

“We would like to commend Gerard Allard for his professionalism in the sale of our condo. Gerard was always pleasant, helpful and sincere, never pushy. We were happy with the valuation and the quick sale of the condo due to Garard’s good work. He wasted no time with the photography, advertising and bringing prospective buyers through the condo on a regular basis. Gerard did everything he could to reduce the stress. Jose and I couldn’t speak more highly of Gerard and his service, and we would definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering selling their home.”

Michael A. Patt, M.D.

“Gerard was our 2nd realtor. What a Breath of fresh air. My wife and I greatly appreciate his patience and professionalism. We found the condo of our dreams with great neighbors. Gerard takes a special interest in his selection of available units for you to choose from. We have highly recommended Gerard and will continue to. He’s the best.”


“After having come to the Puerto Vallarta for years, my wife and I decided we would reluctantly look at real estate. We had the good fortune to meet Gerard Allard who made himself readily available to explore our options. He proved to be an agent who was knowledgeable, low pressure and pleasant who indulged us in our indolent ambivalent search. To my surprise, after several weeks we made an offer and Gerard was there to help negotiate and facilitate the offering and even contributed part of his commission to help close the deal. After closing, he continued to follow through with his assistance in navigating the Mexican bureaucracy. Subsequently we have become good friends. I highly endorse him as a great choice for a real estate agent.”

Michael Cortese

“Gavino and I have come to Puerto Vallarta at least two or three times a year for more than fifteen years. In recent years we decided to acquire a condo in Puerto Vallarta to spend more time on the beach. We had the opportunity to meet Gerard in 2015 when we finally decided to look for a Real Estate Agent to carry out the desired plan.”

“I remember very well the moment we entered his office and we did not know what to expect, because most of the Real Estate Agents we deal with do not take you seriously until they are convinced that it is a real opportunity. I remember that Gerard Allard welcomed us with a smile and made us feel welcome; We immediately presented our plans and Gerard explained the different options based on our conditions.”

“Once we left the office and returned to our place of residence, we thought that the relationship with Gerard and the Real Estate Agency he had represented had reached us, since we had plans to buy the condo in a couple of years. To our surprise, Gerard began to send us information that helped us a lot in making an educated decision to purchase a home.”

“A couple of years later, in December of 2017 we made the determination that it was time to buy the condo. Gerard presented us with the options available in the market at that time, after doing a thorough search, a month later, we found the option that became our home on this side of the Wall.”

“Currently, when our friends mention that they have plans to reside in Puerto Vallarta, we tell them about this experience, we recommend that they approach Gerard, because he will not see them as another client, but will make them feel like they are friends of all life. Whenever we find him on the street, he always wears that big smile and warm embrace that characterize him.”


I have 35 years of real estate development experience in the US. I have bought and sold millions of dollar’s worth of property in my life.

In 2018, I decided to buy a condominium in Puerto Vallarta as a second home. It is a process that can be unnerving and fraught with risks. Not for the faint of heart, especially when you’re handing over nearly a million dollars in cash, and have heard horror stories about shady deals, unsavory developers and “gotcha” clauses in condo documents.

I was fortunate to discover Gerard Allard, who made the entire process simple. There are a myriad of legalities and many differences in both taking title and finance compared to the US. Whenever I had a question (and I had many), Gerard either knew the answer from experience, or he found the answer and reported back to me. I had dealt with several Realtors in Mexico over the years, and found most to have their own interest ahead of their clients. Gerard was refreshing. He is honest, courteous, informed, and has a great knowledge of local resources whether they be stores, bankers, professional services or other things a new home owner (especially a foreigner) needs.

Marty Spaulding

I would like to commend Mr. Allard on a phenomenal job handling a real estate transaction for me in Puerto Vallarta. Gerard went above and beyond to help make the purchase. Since the purchase, Gerard has also taken care of personal issues for me at my residence.

I would recommend Mr. Allard ,and have, to my friends for real estate purchases. I would like to say that Gerard is a professional at his real estate career.

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