Gerard Allard grew up on a farm in Western Canada where he learned the basic concepts of mechanics, construction and farming. It was also at this time that he developed a strong work ethic, no-nonsense interpersonal skills and integrity.

He brought these solid core characteristics to a twenty-five-year career as a police officer in Canada where he developed and refined observation skills and negotiating techniques that are needed for success in any career.

In 2012, Gerard took these same characteristics and skills to his Real Estate career where he aggressively places his client’s needs ahead of all other considerations. Gerard would rather have his clients not buy after making an informed decision rather than buying with only partial information.

Gerard arrived in Puerto Vallarta in 2016 after falling in love with the easy-going lifestyle, the Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountain range. He immediately began his real estate career and has never looked back.

Gerard is an Independent Broker with no commercial office and has a limit of clients that he will take on so that he can give them all his own personal attention.


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